J. S. Choi, MD is a physician of internal medicine and clinical informatics in the University of Utah Department of Biomedical Informatics.

Education and Work

University of Utah
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine &
NLM T15 Biomedical Informatics Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Research on tools for clinical decision support in the ReImagine EHR initiative.
Direct patient care as a primary-care physician.


Eskenazi Health
Outpatient Care Center

Primary-care physician.


Indiana University & Regenstrief Institute
Clinical Informatics Fellowship


Kettering Medical Center
Internal Medicine Residency


Saint Louis University College of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine


University of Arizona
Bachelor of Science


Major in Physiology • Minors in Computer Science and Chemistry.
Summa cum laude. GPA 3.98.

Clinical informatics

When clinicians and patients with complex multimorbidity meet, clinicians must recall or retrieve a myriad of clinical information to give these patients the informed care they deserve. My research aims to study how the design of information technologies affect clinician cognition, memory, attention, and decision making – in particular, information-rich patient-data displays and long-term professional-education platforms.

Research articles

Continuing professional education and clinical decision support: commonalities, differences, and potential synergies

Associations between psychosocial needs, carbohydrate-counting behavior, and app satisfaction

2023 [accepted for publication]

Coauthored with Darren Ma, Julian A. Wolfson, Jean F. Wyman, Terrence J. Adam, and Helen N. Fu. Accepted for publication by CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing.
A randomized crossover trial of 92 adults with type 1 or 2 diabetes requiring insulin therapy tested two top-rated diabetes apps, mySugr and OnTrack. Survey responses on demographics, psychosocial needs (perceived competence, autonomy, and connectivity), carbohydrate-counting frequency, and app satisfaction were modeled using mixed effect linear-regressions to test associations.

2022 [submitted]

Coauthored with Titus Schleyer and Stephen Downs.
Continuing professional education (CPE) and clinical decision support (CDS) emerged from separate fields, yet they overlap in multiple ways. This tutorial examines the nuanced and heretofore little-examined relationship between CPE and CDS in several domains, providing historical context and exploring potential future directions.

Other projects

Aiming HealthDart at a new target


Conducting research and prototyping for a new version of HealthDart – a successfully deployed application that summarizes HIE information – for a new setting, cardiology based on the observed workflows of IU Health cardiologists.

Creation of a chronic wound care registry to improve outcomes

Leading the creation of an academic registry of more than 150,000 Indiana patients with chronic wounds and writing a journal article using the registry to examine the epidemiology of diabetes mellitus, infection, amputation, and death in patients with chronic wounds.


Marion County Public Health Department weekly COVID-19 dashboard

Programmed a dashboard that automatically downloads COVID-19 nursing-facility data from the CDC National Healthcare Safety Network and displays graphical trends for Marion County epidemiology personnel.


Eskenazi Health order-set maintenance policy

Led the creation of a new data-driven process to identify clinician stakeholders of a computerized order-entry system’s order sets and to regularly check in with stakeholders regarding their order sets.


Computer science & engineering

Ecma International
Technical Committee 39 (TC39)

Ecma International’s TC39 is the official standards body that maintains the core specifications of the JavaScript programming language. More than five language proposals have been accepted for consideration by TC39; selected ones are listed below.

Array.fromAsync for JavaScript


Authored and presented proposal and specification for a new standard function in JavaScript. The proposal was accepted by Ecma TC39 to Stage 3 in 2022 and is to be implemented by Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Node.js, and other web browsers and engines in the future. [Array.fromAsync on GitHub]

Pipe operator for JavaScript


Coauthored with Tab Atkins. Proposal and specification for new pipe operator syntax in JavaScript, under consideration by Ecma TC39 at Stage 2. [Pipe-operator proposal on GitHub]

Other work

Proposal for body-part emoji




Clojure computer-programming library used by other developers to parse text into data structures using grammars that the programmer creates. FnParse was published on GitHub.

Skills and Interests

Technology skills

UNIX command-line administration, programming, and data processing. Experience in multiple programming languages: JavaScript / ECMAScript (ES), Clojure (i.e., Lisp), R, Java, HTML5, SVG, and other XML, and CSS..

Hobbies and interests

Technology standards
Independent contributor to discussions of several standards bodies including the WHATWG (HTML5), the W3C (CSS, Web Annotations), and the Unicode Consortium.
Student Member of the Unicode Consortium, 2016–2017.
Contributor to ECMA Technical Committee 39, 2018.
Public health and education
Evidence- and science-based medicine
Measuring and improving medical outcomes through educational aids and data visualizations
Clinical decision making, usability, design
Relationships between clinical decision making, cognitive psychology, usability, and user-interface design
Testing and improving medical computer interfaces
Computer science and engineering
Programming-language design
Text parsing
Relational data modeling
Data-interchange formats
Digital typography
Violin, piano, and music composition
Interactive multimedia