J. S. Choi, MD is a physician of internal medicine and clinical informatics.


Kettering Medical Center
Internal Medicine Residency

After graduation, Joshua has been practicing medicine, as a resident physician under the supervision of attending physicians at Kettering Medical Center, Sycamore Medical Center, and in the Sycamore Primary Care Clinic. His residency program gives in-depth postgraduate training, as a requirement to obtaining an unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States.

Saint Louis University College of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine

First extra academic year was voluntarily requested from school, to gain further bioinformatics research and elective clinical rotations, before deciding on speciality for residency for Psychiatry. Second extra year was voluntarily requested from school: after soliciting faculty feedback that suggested a mismatch with Psychiatry, specialty was pivoted to Internal Medicine. Extra year was composed of continuous Internal Medicine rotations of direct patient care, followed by successful NRMP match for Internal Medicine in 2018.

University of Arizona College of Medicine
Bachelor of Science

Major in Physiology • Double minor in Computer Science and Chemistry.
Summa cum laude. GPA 3.98.


Practice guidelines of BPSD pharmacologic management: a review

George T. Grossberg, MD • SLU SOM Department of Neurology & Psychiatry

A systematic literature review was performed over recently published practice guidelines on the pharmacologic management of behavioral and psychiatric symptoms of dementia. The publication process was placed on hold following pivot from Psychiatry to Internal Medicine.

Patient-data displays: visual presentation and design

David Burroughs, PhD • SLU Center for Outcomes Research

This project compiled existing information on the visual design of patient-data displays. Information included methods of presentation and visualization of patient data to healthcare providers and how these methods affect clinical decision making, diagnosis, medical errors, and medical outcomes. The project culminated in an audiovisual presentation.

Meaningful-use standards for pediatric electronic health record systems

Feliciano B. Yu, Jr., MD • Washington University in St. Louis • St. Louis Children’s Hospital

This project consolidated several standards of meaningful-use requirements for electronic medical records’ user interfaces into a single database. It focused on requirements from the Children’s EHR Format, HL7, and NIST 7865 standards.

Patient electronic-health-record programmatic data analysis

Allan Wachter, MD

Data analysis was performed on longitudinal patient data on behalf of A. Wachter in an retrospective study for predicting asthma with the United States Navy. A computer program was developed to clean, normalize, and combine heterogenous patient data from several independent sources: the US Navy, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and several pharmaceutical companies.

Skills and Interests

Technology skills

UNIX command-line administration, programming, and data processing. Experience in multiple programming languages: JavaScript / ECMAScript (ES), Clojure (i.e., Lisp), Java, HTML5, SVG, and other XML, and CSS; capable of learning new languages quickly. Methods of data visualization (cf. Edward Tufte) and methods of interactively exploring data (cf. Bret Victor).

Technology products

Developed in 2008. Library used by other programmers to parse text into data structures using grammars that the programmer creates; now deprecated. Published on GitHub.
Flashcard web application: Developed in 2012 for private use during medical school using the JavaScript programming language for both front- and back-end.
Weather application: Developed in 2008 for Windows and Mac using the Ruby programming language.

Hobbies and interests

Technology standards
Independent contributor to discussions of several standards bodies including the WHATWG (HTML5), ECMA Technical Committee 39 (JavaScript / ECMAScript), the W3C (CSS, Web Annotations), and the Unicode Consortium. Also interested in health-informatics standards such as HL7.
Student Member of the Unicode Consortium, 2016–2017.
Contributor to ECMA Technical Committee 39, 2018.
Public health and education
Evidence- and science-based medicine
Measuring and improving medical outcomes through educational aids and data visualizations
Clinical decision making, usability, design
Relationships between clinical decision making, cognitive psychology, usability, and user-interface design
Testing and improving medical computer interfaces
Computer science and engineering
Programming-language design
Text parsing
Relational data modeling
Data-interchange formats
Licensed amateur-radio operator
Digital typography
Violin, piano, and music composition
Interactive multimedia